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The Bholla Cornage Field Hockey Stick Features Carbon blade stiffening technology for better bonding and more integrated stiffness and extreme power behind your hits, and the Carbon Blade creates a flatter back of stick, giving it a unique, edgy look only Bholla sticks have! It features a Pure Control Head shape that provides enhanced surface area and great control in all situations, and this head shape merges with the trapezoidal Carbon Blade shape to centralize the sweet spot and perfect the agility of the hook. It has a mid-bow profile that increases its maneuverability to offer improved ball control and incredible passing accuracy, and it utilized Touch Compound Technology on the toe of the stick that uses a textured surface to help grip the ball and keep it on your stick when executing quick, multi-directional moves. Lots of control make this stick great for midfielders!



Carbon Blade stiffening technology for better bonding and more integrated stiffness and power

Mid-bow profile allows quick, multidirectional movement when under defensive pressure

Pure Control Head shape provides enhanced surface area and ultimate control in all situations

Traditional head shape merges with the Carbon Blade shape to centralize the sweet spot and perfect the agility of the hook

Touch Compound helps to keep the ball under control at the contact point

Bholla grip tape combines traditional PU with a Chamois-like touch for a better handle on your stick

Specifically designed for midfielders and offensive players who demand multidirectional play

Note: Super Light size is approximately 20-30 grams lighter than the Light size




Material: 20% Carbon, 75% Fiberglass, 5% Aramid

Experience: Elite

Brand: Bholla

Weight: 530g

Type: Outdoor

Toe Shape: Pure Control Head

Bow Shape: Low Bow 24mm


Made in Pakistan

Copyright Reserved Bholla® (1960 - 2020)

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