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Wildy Composite Baseball Bat

Wildy Composite Baseball Bat

Wildy Composite Baseball Bat :-


Hungry For Speed And Power, The 2017 Bholla® Wildy BBcor Bat Is Designed For The Elite Player With A Predator Mentality. Boasting All-New CXN™ ZERO Two-Piece Technology To Maximize Energy Transfer, The Bholla Wildy Baseball Bat Helps Eliminate Vibration For Superior Comfort And Performance In The Batter's Box. Thermo Composite Technology (TCT™) In The Handle And Barrel Produces A Massive Sweet Spot And Superior Bat Speed.


Bholla: "Fastest Through The Swing Zone With The Most Barrel In The Swing Zone"

Thermo Composite Technology (TCT™) Produces A Massive Sweet Spot And Superior Bat Speed

CXN™ ZERO Technology Maximizes Energy Transfer And Performance To Eliminate Vibration

Speed Design With A Lighter-Weight, Streamlined Barrel For Low M.O.I. And Ultra-Fast Swing Speeds

Thin 31/32" TCT™ Composite Handle

Performance Diamond Grip For A Firm, Comfortable Hold

Part Of The Bholla® 2017 Wildy™ Series

NOTICE: We Recommend That You Receive Approval From Your Local League Before Removing The Wrapper From Your Bat.


Drop: -3

Barrel Diameter: 2-5/8"

Material: Composite

Construction: Two-Piece

Swing Weight: Balanced

Certification(S): ASA , USSA , Bbcor (Approved For High School And College)

Sport: Baseball

Handle :- Thin 31/32

Weight :- 18 – 22 oz

Series: Bholla Wildy™

Sizes :- 30/27 , 31/28 , 32/29 , 33/30 , 34/31

Year: 2017

Model: Wildy




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