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Dynamite Helmet

Dynamite Helmet




BHOLLA Traditionally Styled, Technically Advance. A Serious Helmet For The Curious And Serious Cricketer. Fitted With A Geo Steel Grill As Standard.. Increase Facial & Side Protection. Removable and Washable Sweatband. Peak Cut Short for Extra Visibility. Improved Fit And  Comfort Levels After Extensive Fitting.





Traditionally Styled, Technically Advanced - A Serious Helmet for The Serious Cricketer.

Complies with Specification For Head Protectors For Cricketers, British Standards Institute.

High Performance Monologue Construction Delivers Excellent Impact Absorbing Properties.

Robust Peak and Precisely Positioned Geo Steel Grille Greatly Reduces the Risk Of The Ball Penetrating The Gap Between The Two.

Fitted with A Geo Steel Grill as Standard

Complete with New Dial Adjuster Band for Ease Of Fitting And Removal Of Helmet Mid Innings.

Improved Fit and Comfort Levels After Extensive Fitting Trials with International and Amateur Players Alike.

Color: Navy, Maroon, Green

Size: Senior, S Large, S Small

Made In Pakistan

©Copyright Reserved Bholla® ( 1960 – 2018 )


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