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Water Resistant Backpack

Water Resistant Backpack



Bholla Solid Value And Durability To Make Your Backpacking Goals A Reality. With Lots Of Pockets And Burly Water-Resistant Fabric, This Pack Is Designed To Keep Your Week’s Worth Of Gear And Supplies Organized. There Are 3 Ways To Get To What’s Inside (So You Don’t Have To Unpack And Repack When You’re Looking For Snacks), And All Zippers Have Glove-Friendly Pullers. It’s Also Designed For Comfort, With An Easy-To-Adjust Padded Hipbelt And A Height-Adjustable Shoulder Harness To Fine-Tune The Fit.



·  Volume : 28L

·  Main fabric is abrasion-resistant 305-denier polyester Cordura® with a water-resistant coating.

·  Base panel is incredibly durable 420-denier nylon Cordura.

·  Lined with 210-denier oxford nylon.

·  Base panel and lining have polyurethane coating for water-resistance.

·  EVA foam padding on shoulder straps, back panel, lumbar pad and hipbelt.

·  Front, top and side access let you get your gear without tunnelling.

·  Back panel and shoulder harness slide up and down within a 5cm range (and lock in place when you find the right fit).

·  Floating lid has a key clip inside.

·  Spindrift collar can close with a drawstring or rolltop.

·  Hydration sleeve and hanger (hydration reservoir not included).

·  Stretch mesh side pockets hold water bottles.

·  Vertical zippered front pocket has darted seams to expand to hold more gear.

·  Hook-and-loop keepers hold your trekking poles when not needed.

·  Short/standard size is 64L (52L body, 4L pocket and 8L lid).

·  Standard/long size is 67L (55L body, 4L pocket and 8L lid).


Size :- W 27 x D 23 x H 43-48cm (Short ) 48-53cm (Long)



Made In Pakistan

©Copyright Reserved Bholla® ( 1960 – 2018 )



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  • Model: BE-SB-010
  • Dimensions: 23.00cm x 27.00cm x 48.00cm
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