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Ash Wood Baseball Bat

Ash Wood Baseball Bat

Ash Wod Baseball Bat :-


Hungry For Speed And Power, The 2017 Bholla® Ash Bat Is The New Line Of Exclusive Premium Wood Bats. Ash Series Bats Are The Embodiment Of Handcraftsmanship In A Wood Bat -- Each Bat Is Individually Hand Painted, One Of A Kind, Ultra-Limited Edition For The Most Serious Wood Bat Player And Collector. The Ash Lucky Bat, Turned In Our Most Popular Model For The Most Balanced Feel In Our Wood Line, Was Individually Handcrafted With Our Marbled Green Paint Job And Gold Foil Center Brand For A One-Of-A-Kind Look. Every Ash Is Meticulously Graded To The Highest Level Of Quality Set By The MLB Ink Dot Standard, And Is Ready For Game Play.


Approximate -3 Length To Weight Ratio

Ash Wood Construction - Provides A Light, Forgiving, And Flexible Feel

Balanced Swing Weight

Handle: 15/16 Inch Diameter

Medium Barrel (2 1/2 Inches Or Smaller)

Ultra Thin Tac-Grip For Enhanced Feel

VELO Barrel Design - Designed For Players Looking To Maximize Swing Speed And Controlindividually Hand-Crafted With Marbled Green Paint And Gold Foil Center Brand

Ink Dot Certified


Includes Collector's Keepsake


NOTICE: We Recommend That You Receive Approval From Your Local League Before Removing The Wrapper From Your Bat.


Drop: -3

Barrel Diameter: 2-1/2"

Material: Ash Wood

Construction: One-Piece

Swing Weight: Balanced – End Loaded

Certification(S): MLB (Approved For High School And College)

Sport: Baseball

Knob : Tapered

Handle :- Thin 15/16

Weight :- 18 – 22 oz

Series: Bholla Assh™

Sizes :- 30/27 , 31/28 , 32/29 , 33/30 , 34/31

Year: 2017

Model: Ash




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